2015 Porsche Parade Saturday

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2015 Event Photos
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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Ohio River Scenic Byway and Huber Distillery tours were so popular they even ran Saturday morning. Criss Yelton would lead the Scenic Byway drive. Loren Urfer would be the sweeper.

Macie Yelton would navigate.

There were fewer cars taking these tours on Saturday, but they would still have a good time.

Fun? Absolutely.

The Porsche Parade is "Fueled by Volunteers" who help with everything throughout the week. A Volunteer luncheon on Saturday repays them for their efforts with a free lunch and dozens of door prizes, including two sets of tires. Susan Jindrich won a "Porsche Kids" backpack full of sponsors' goodies.

Michele Dora won a bottle of wheel cleaner.

Jeff Jackson won shirts.

Dale Fatland won a shirt and some wheel cleaner.

Linda Barth and Scott Klueh didn't win anything, but they had fun.

So did Dawn Green and Vicky Fox.

Then it was time to stage for the big event of the day, a parade of Porsches from the West Baden Springs Hotel driveway to the town of Paoli and back, a distance of roughly nine miles. Hundreds of cars filled the brick streets.

It was sunny and warm and everyone was eager to share in this PCA tradition.

At 1:30 it was time to go.

The trolley driver gave a big wave,...

... as did lots of people along the way.

The citizens of West Baden Springs, Paoli, and points in between were out in great number with waves and cameras and big smiles.

The first cars were heading back to French Lick before we reached Paoli.

The parade rounded the courthouse square to start the return trip.

The whole journey took roughly half an hour.

Then we staged in the French Lick parking lots for the next PCA Parade tradition, a group photo.

Cars were directed to one end of the lawn in front to the casino. A giant 60 had been painted on the grass for PCA's 60th anniversary.

Drivers were asked to line up neatly and park as close to the next car as possible.

Debbie Jackson helped with spacing.

To get the shot, the photographer was in a lift in the parking lot below.

He took shots with everyone by their cars and shots of the cars alone.

How did they turn out? The PCA webite (www.pca.org) has shown collections of photos from previous parades but I was unable to find them in September, 2020 when this site was revised.

The final day of the 2015 Porsche Parade concluded with a Victory Banquet, at which still more awards were presented for various achievements.

We were fortunate to have the Parade in our own back yard this year and the Southern Indiana Region of the Porsche Club of America made many contributions to its success. These pages will give you some idea of what it was like, although browsing through photos can't begin to match the experience of actually participating, meeting lots of friendly people, and being surrounded by an amazing collection of Porsches. Hopefully, these pages will encourage you to attend a future Porsche Parade.

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