2015 Porsche Parade Wednesday

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2015 Event Photos
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Wednesday, June 24, 2015
Wednesday's activities began with a 7:30 AM departure bus tour to Maker's Mark and other distilleries.

At 8:00 Scott Klueh and Linda Barth led a group to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

It was another beautiful morning.

Dale Fatland was the sweeper for that drive.

Dale caught this shot at the world famous Brickyard.

Next to stage was the Ohio River Scenic Byway tour.

It was led by Dave Hostetter.

Phil and Dawn Green trailed the group, right behind Minnie Mouse?

Huber's Orchard Winery & Vineyards was the next tour's destination. Mike Fox gave instructions to the drivers. He and Vicky would be in the lead car. Loren Urfer would be the sweeper. They staged at 8:30 and left at 9:00.

The drive was pleasant and had some interesting bits.

There were grapevines,...

... and a serpentine drive to the winery.

There was a tour of the wine cellar...

... and of the distillery.

A member of the Huber family served as guide and was knowledgeable and interesting.

Everyone was given a list of Huber wines and invited to select ones they wanted to sample. Naturally, many people bought a bottle or two. After the wine tasting, a buffet lunch was served and people could either wander through Huber's bakery and gift shops or head back to French Lick.

Other activities on Wednesday included a Michelin Drive and Compare event, a golf tournament, more autocross competition, time in the French Lick casino, a TSD Rally Banquet, self-directed drives, and seminars.

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