2016 Nashville, Indiana

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2016 Event Photos

November 19, 2016

We met in the Deaconess Gateway Hospital parking lot. Just across the Lloyd Expressway a bank sign announced a cold forty-one degrees.

The driver's meeting was brief. We retreated to the warmth of our cars.

Our last drive of 2016 began headed north on I-69 under a chilly sky.

Nice to be on the road again with friends in Porsches.

I-69 was uneventful, except for the swarm of birds that threatened our paint and windshields.

Before long, we left the Interstate and worked our way eastward on IN 150.

150 took us through Montgomery and Loogootee and on to Shoals.

If you looked quickly to your left, while descending into Shoals, you could just see Jug Rock.

From Shoals we took IN 50 toward Bedford and beyond,...

... Looking for the turnoff for IN 135.

And then there it was. Someone told Mark that it would be an interesting bit of road. That was an understatement.

135 ran to and through the Hoosier National Forest and along the east side of Brown County State Park to Nashville.

Road engineers appeared to have followed the lay of the land rather than smoothing and straightening the route.

None of us complained, however. We were too busy enjoying the drive.

Surely that sign was just a suggestion.

It was interesting to see Porsches drop out of sight and pop up again over these humps. These pictures can only hint at the wild ride. You will simply have to drive IN 135 yourself to appreciate it.

Suddenly, we rolled out of the woods and into the bustling streets of Nashville.

We lunched at the Artists Colony Inn in the center of town. On the left side of this table, (L-R) Jenna and Brent Brooks, Chris and Diane Hancock, and Dorothy Calcaterra.

On the right side: Randy Haaf, Manuel Ramirez, Dee Dee Lewis, Linda Barth, and Scott Kleuh.

At the second table: Susan Jindrich, Mark Faris, and Richard Gustafson.

Facing them: Terry and Sally Davis, Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier, and Dave Hostetter (back to camera).

After dining, we were free to wander the streets and shops of Nashville.

Shoppers and sightseers compared notes before the drive home.

Late November meant an early sunset as we headed back to Evansville after this long but entertaining drive.

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