2018 Parade Week - Tuesday

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2018 Event Photos

Tuesday, July 10, 2018
Photos and commentary by Jerry and Susan Jindrich

Our Tuesday began with a clear sky overhead and a high school parking lot full of Porsches lining up for three different driving "tours".

Rows were marked for the different tours and divided into groups of 15 cars. The groups would depart at 10-minute intervals.

Everyone gathered around the PCA and Pirelli tents for coffee, tea, or water while we waited for our drivers' meeting.

A PCA official handed out the latest instructions, reminded us to drive safely, and pointed out the leaders and sweepers for each group.

We had chosen the Stone Hill Winery Tour which would have taken us to Hermann, Mo, for lunch and a look at the historic winery. Unfortunately, we had been put in the 9:00 AM departure group and Michael needed to head back to Kansas City around noon. So we had to leave the drive at the half-way point in order to meet Susan in Jefferson City with Michael's car.

The drive was pleasant but most of SIR's drives are much more fun. We made the most of it. Michael took a few pictures along the way.

This restroom facility in a small-town community park marked the half-way point. Michael drove us on to Jefferson City.

Our meeting place was the Central Dairy which dates to 1934 in its Jefferson City location. The Ice Cream Parlor has been in business since 1941. Great (and inexpensive) ice cream!

After Michael departed for Kansas City. Susan and I drove 25 miles north to Fulton, Missouri, to the National Churchill Museum. In 1946, President Harry Truman invited the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to speak at Westminster College in Fulton. His address described the threat of the cold war and was best known for the phrase, "An iron curtain has descended across the Continent". A museum was later built on the college campus. In the 1960s the college commemorated Churchill's visit and speech by moving a war-damaged church from London to Fulton.

St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury was designed by Christopher Wren and stood since 1677. The church had been badly damaged during the London Blitz and was still in disrepair in the '60s. It was moved stone by stone to Fulton and rebuilt to Wren's original specifications. The church now sits atop the museum.

The museum was small but very well done and worth a visit if you have any interest in this period of history and its importance in today's international politics. Visitors follow a winding path through dozens of exhibits that give insights to Churchill's life and to wartime and post-war Britain through artifacts, quotations, and videos. It was easy to spend hours there.

A hint of what Churchill's painting studio looked like was included.

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2018 Porsche Parade Photos and commentary.

2018 Porsche Parade

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