2021 EDetailing Tech Session
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2021 Event Photos

It had been a while since our last tech session. The topic would be detailing and two dozen SIR members were either keenly interested in that subject or very eager to get together with friends on a crisp and sunny Saturday morning. Probably both.

March 6, 2021

People arrived early and the D-Patrick lot began to fill with our Porsches.

Car talk zones popped up here and there.

There was a lot to talk about.

Indoors, breakfast was served.

We ate and talked about anything and everything, but mostly about Porsches.

When surrounded by so much inspiration, how could you not have Porsches top-of-mind?

Mark Roethemeier led us through the main Mercedes/BMW/VW building to a nearby facility where cars were cleaned and detailed.

Socially-distanced seating and plenty of standing room allowed us a good view of the demonstrations.

Chuck Collins was our knowledgeable and personable guide.

Chuck would show us how to put a finish on our cars that would put all of our neighbors' cars to shame.

He explained what clay bar was and demonstrated its proper use.

Then he showed us several products from Pro® and explained their purposes and benefits. A wax called Synergy™ (gallon jug, top left) would be sprayed on at the end and buffed with a microfiber cloth. For the first step in detailing, Chuck recommended Reflect-It™ Correcting Creme, applied with a polishing pad. After a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth, he invited us to examine the result.

Then Chuck switched to a softer polishing pad to apply Poly Gard™ Paint Sealant. Finally, he sprayed on the Synergy™ and used the microfiber cloth to give a beautiful shine.

Chuck wrapped up and offered to take any other questions. Mark thanked him and we applauded sincerely. It was a good presentation.

The Pro® Professional Car Beauty products Chuck demonstrated were:
....Reflect-It™ Correcting Creme
....Poly Gard™ Paint Sealant
....Synergy™ Ceramic Detail Spray

These are available online or through a regional representative.

Other recommended brands include Griot's Garage®, Meguiar's® and Mothers® which can be found locally and online.

A raffle was the last item on the morning's agenda. Gus Gustafson's neice drew names from a hat held by Mark.

Winners picked an item from a group of cleaning supplies.

This was a great tech session and a well-attended start to 2021's events. It should be a great year.

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