2021 Fall Overlook Drive
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2021 Event Photos

We just keep returning to Indiana State Road 66. Yes, it leads us to the Overlook Restaurant, provider of good food and a great view of the Ohio River, but that's not why we make the trip. The drive itself calls to us like the legendary siren Lorelei on the Rhine River near Sankt Goarshousen. Like sailors of long ago, we are powerless to resist. However, today we drive powerful and sturdy Porsches and manage to avoid peril.

September 25, 2021

The weather forecast was promising, but the Newburgh Lock and Dam's parking lot still had fresh puddles from recent showers. We were undaunted.

The eastern sky looked unpredictable.

Here and there, sunlight broke through.

We pressed on, aware that car washing was in our futures.

More frequent patches of sunlight gave hope for clearing skies.

Wide tires on wet pavement made a fine spray as we rolled through Troy.

We parked near our usual rest stop inn Tell City for coffee and so forth.

We love to talk.

After slipping out of Tell City and through Cannelton, we followed 66 away from the river and into the woods.

Sometimes we left the forest, skirted some farmland, and dove back into the trees.

There's a reason this is called the Ohio River Scenic Byway.

We slowed for the little hamlet of Derby.

Here the road threads its way through businesses and homes, folllowing natural countours close to the river.

Beyond Derby, the group leader found a safe place for the photographers' car to pass. They were to run ahead to Sulphur in time to stop and set up for pictures.

The timing was good. Susan and Jerry Jindrich chose positions and were ready about four minutes before the lead cars swept around the bend leading to the junction of State Roads 66 and 62.

Jerry took wide shots and some close-ups. Susan caught drivers making the turn as 66 joined 62 and headed east.

Follow this link to see their pictures of people and cars as they approach and pass through this intersection. Prints can be commissioned for a nominal fee to cover paper and ink or you can print your own.

During the last stretch between Sulphur and the Overlook Restaurant, with the rest of the SIR drivers minutes agead, Jerry and Susan came upon this young deer. Fortunately, no one approached from the other direction and the animal crossed safely.

We were seated at four tables at the Overlook. At this one, (L-R): Criss Yelton, Cheryl Roethemeier, Allan Fierst, Mark Roethemeier, Criss Yelton's daughter, and Doug Ramey.

At the second table, Jacque and Dean Becher, Pam and Mark Faris, and Scott Klueh, hidden behind Mark. (My apologies, Scott)

At the third table were Curt and Emily Hamilton, Bret Schulheis, and Jim Huebner and his daughter.

The fourth table held Susan Jindrich, Donna and Don Brandenburg, and Jerry Jindrich (not pictured).

This was the second time we traveled via Indiana's HWy 66 to the Overlook this year. Plus, several SIR members led driving tours along the best parts of the same route for PCA members attending the 2021 Porsche Parade. You might think we would gradually lose interest, but until someone finds a better road this close to home, it's not likely.

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