2021 Ferry Porsche Drive
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2021 Event Photos

PCA's Southern Indiana Region members have enjoyed one novel experience after another this year. A ferry ride across the Ohio River may top them all.

October 9, 2021

We met in Henderson, KY, at the home of Criss and Macie Yelton. Scott Klueh and Mark Roethemeier gave out instructions. We would go in two groups. Scott would lead one. Mark Faris would lead the second.

Slipping out of Henderson westward on Route 60 was easy.

The morning was bright. The countryside was still green in late October.

We turned south on 141 at Waverly and under a coal conveyer running from an underground coal mine near Morganfield.

We drove to Sullivan and then to Sturgis for a rest stop.

In Sturgis, we waited for the second group to join us.

Mark Faris led them in a few minutes later.

In all there were 21 Porsches on this drive, including 21 drivers and 15 spouses and guests.

As always, the rest stop gave a chance to stretch and catch up with friends.

We followed 60 out of Sturgis and found KY 135.

After about eight miles we watched for Baker Hollow Road.

Instructions got more complicated after that but we managed to stay together.

The roads narrowed as we went deeper into the woods.

We followed Cotton Patch Road, looking for KY 387 and, eventually, KY 91N.

Turning north on 91 took us to the Ohio River on a long roadbed raised above floodplain farmland.
- Photo © 2021 Brett Schultheis

The road ended at a ramp that dropped to the Ohio River. A small ferry pulled up and disgorged a few cars and light trucks. Then a crew member waved us on.

This was the view from Bret Schultheis's car. He and several others would wait for the next trip across.
- Photo © 2021 Brett Schultheis

The crossing took only a few minutes but was very festive. Many people used phones or cameras to record the unusual event.

It was probably something like cruise ship passengers snapping away while their ship eased up to the dock on a picturesque Caribbean Island.

There was scenery to be enjoyed, too. These bluffs are home to Cave-In-Rock State Park, named after a large but shallow cave that was once home to an "Ancient Colony of Horse-Thieves, Counterfeiters and Robbers" in the 1800s. See this Wikipedia article for more information.

This is what the ferry looks like while crossing as seen from the Illinois side. This is the second trip carrying the last of our Porsches.

We climbed back into our cars as we neared the Illinois shore.
- Photo © 2021 Mitch Deep

Disembarking was simple and efficient. We drove a short distance to the State Park for lunch.

Park facilities included a restaurant overlooking the river. We filled its outdoor tables and a few of the ones inside, too.

Everyone seemed to have had a good time.

However, well-liked member Michael Osero used this occasion to say goodby to many of his SIR friends because he would be moving to Ohio soon. Here is a photo of Michael with Dave Hostetter and Mitch Deep taken during the Porsche Sportscar Together Fest at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in September. We wish him all the best.
- Photo © 2021 Mitch Deep

Scott Klueh's written instructions for the drive included three optional routes home. After lunch, people went their separate ways. Susan and Jerry Jindrich stopped on the way out of the park to explore the famous (and infamous) Cave-In-Rock. Finding it required walking down a long flight of stone steps from the top of the bluff to the edge of the river. From there it was an easy walk to the entrance.

The mouth of the cave is surprisingly large (55 feet wide) and a little awkward to walk into although no climbing is required inside the cave. Susan Jindrich posed just right of center. Once in the cave, it is lighter than expected because of an opening in the ceiling.

Is the cave worth seeing? Sure, if you are naturally curious. Even more so if you know a little of the history and apply a little imagination. We were glad we live now and not back in the 1800s.

Thanks to Scott Klueh for planning this drive. It was entertaining in so many ways. We'll hope to do it again.

Participating in this drive were:
....Dean and Jacque Becher
....Don and Donna Brandenburg
....Terry and Sally Davis
....Mitch Deep
....Mark and Pam Faris
....Dale Fatland
....Alan Fierst and Denise Pace
....Rich and Heidi Gustafson
....Rob Gustafson and his daughter
....Curt Hamilton
....Todd and Ann Heathcott
....Jerry and Susan Jindrich
....Mike and Kim Kinder
....Scott Klueh
....Randy and Nina Lientz
....Michael Osero
....Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
....Brett Schultheis
....Rob and Mary Swihart
....Criss and Macie Yelton
(and one new member and his guest whose names I don't have)

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