2021 Ireland, IN and the Chicken Place Drive
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2021 Event Photos

We met in the afternoon for a change. Our departure was scheduled to have us reach The Chicken Place in Ireland, IN close to 3:30 PM (Eastern), when this unassuming restaurant would open for business. The eatery has a long history and a great reputation for its fried chicken. We were going to sample the fare. Close to forty SIR members and guests met in the Castle HS parking lot. A few more people would meet us along the way or at the restaurant.

May 15, 2021

Ireland is not far away, but our Event Chair/Tour Director had selected a route that would keep us entertained. This is the first of two groups leaving Newburgh.

We headed north toward the bypass around Boonville.

Unfortunately, we found ourselves unable to safely pass a slower driver for several miles.

North of the towns of Lynnville and Spurgeon, we dove under a mining road and crested a series of humps.

Not knowing what's around the bend or over the next hill keeps us engaged and smiling.

At the junction of 61 and 64, we headed east and watched for IN257.

Somewhere along here, Curt and Valerie Heim appeared in our mirror as we tried to keep up with Group One, who either were in serious need of a pit stop or were simply eager for some great fried chicken.

Fortunately, we soon came to the last instuction on our directions, "Turn right on IN56 - go into Ireland - look for 'The Chicken Place' on right."

Ireland's cheerful welcome signage was hard to miss.

However, we could have driven right past The Chicken Place and its modest exterior.

Fortunately, there was this sun-bleached sign out front.

The restaurant featured a bar in front and this dining room in the rear. We fit perfectly and obviously had a good time. This was our second drive of 2021. It had been fairly short journey but it was exhilerating nonetheless. Also, the CDC had just announced that we could forgo masks if we were all vaccinated. So we were talkative and the food was very good, but that wasn't the end of our day.

Our drive to Ireland came with a automotive sightseeing bonus.

Next door was a museum of sorts, a "private garage" owned by a gentleman named Bret Voelkel. Bret has a fascinating history in the automotive world, which includes forming a company "focused on air suspension". You may enjoy reading about him in a Dubois County Herald story online from October of 2019 and a longer article on the Ridetech.com website. Some of the cars on display have been active in autocross events (and you thought only sports car owners went autocrossing!).

Did you see that sweet, low, and very long (223.5 inches) Pontiac Bonneville Hardtop Coupe? It is slightly more than four feet longer than our 2001 Carrera 4!

This was fun. The ride home was easy. It is likely that we will visit Ireland again!

Participating in this drive were:
....Richard Basham (Newly transferred member)
....Dean and Jacque Becher (New members)
....Don and Donna Brandenburg
....Mitch and Victoria Deep
....Bob and Marie Donnelly
....Mark and Pam Faris
....Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
....Alan Fierst and his guest Denise Pace
....Phil and Dawn Green
....Rich Gustafson and guests (his niece and brother)
....Kurt and Valerie Heim
....Jason and John Hoggatt
....Jerry and Susan Jindrich
....Mike and Kim Kinder
....Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
....Mike Mammoser
....Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez
....Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
....Ross Rudolph
....Stanley and Karen Shields (New members)
....Joe and Jean Wolf
....Criss and Macie Yelton
....And one gentleman guest in a Ferrari

(If I missed anyone, please let me know.)

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