2021 Jasper Strassenfest
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2021 Event Photos

2021Srassentfest Parade

August 8, 2021
Introduction and captions by Kurt Heim. Photos by Valerie Heim, Rich Gustafson, Bob Donnelly and Lesley Kizior.

In an unusual Sunday event, Kurt and Valerie Heim hosted a small group of Southern Indiana Region members and D-Patrick Porsche at their home for the club's entry in the Jasper Strassenfest Parade. Four SIR members and one D-Patrick Porsche met at Gateway Hospital for the drive to Jasper as two additional Jasper members would meet them at the Heim's.

The day started off around 11:00am EDT for social time, car prep, and a taco bar lunch before proceeding to the parade lineup area at 12:30. The Strassenfest Parade officially started at 1:00 and the SIR-PCA/D-Patrick Porsche's eight colorful Porsches were lined up as the 63rd entry in a parade lineup of 100+ entries. The group had lots of positive comments and cheers from the crowd!

Thank you to all the SIR Porsche members who participated. A special shoutout to Valerie Heim for walking most of the parade route to take all the photos during the parade. Thank you, Valerie!

"Now's the time to roll the barrel, for the gang's all here"

Pre-Parade Heim Residence Photos

Kurt and Valerie's neighbors probably enjoyed seeing all the Porsches parked in front of their home.
- Porsche Photos © 2021 Rich Gustafson
The Heim's had 2 Sign Guys of Jasper produce a pair of magnetic signs for SIR to use in the parade and any future events the club may participate in.
- Detail of magnetic sign © 2021 Valerie Heim

Parade Lineup Staging Area

Bob Donnelly and his father-in-law Jim Wachtel - Photo © 2021 Rich Gustafson

Mark and Pam Faris - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Scott Klueh and Linda Barth - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Jim Huebner and his daughter Annie - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Damien McDonald and Guest Katelyn (D-Patrick Porsche) - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Rich Gustafson - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Dean and Jacque Becher - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Kurt Heim and children Kierstin and Kaden - Photo © 2021 Bob Donnelly

Procession to parade starting point

SIR group proceeding down 15th Street to the official parade starting point - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Mark and Pam Faris showing a few Porsches the way in their beautiful Cayman - © 2021 Valerie Heim


Kurt, Kierstin, and Kaden Heim leading the group down Jackson St. in their Cayenne GTS - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Scott Klueh and Linda Barth waving to the parade crowd - © 2021 Valerie Heim

I think a lot of parade attendees loved Bob Donnelly's Ultraviolet GT3 RS! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Damien McDonald and guest Katelyn with D-Patrick Porsche showcase a Lime Gold Metallic Boxster S from their inventory. Thank you to D-Patrick Porsche for participating! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

This is what all parades should look like! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Proceeding backwards around the Courthouse Square. - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Dean and Jacque Becher followed by Rich Gustafson turning North onto Main St. in front of the Dubois County Courthouse. - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Rich Gustafson in his bright orange Cayman followed by Mark and Pam Faris make their way around along the parade route. - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Scott Klueh and Linda Barth more than likely gave those kids a courtesy rev! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Either those kids by the courthouse are mesmerized by all the Porsches that just went by or Bob Donnelly might have showed them what 9000 rpm sounds like. Probably both! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

The crowds seemed to get larger heading North on Main Street. - © 2021 Valerie Heim

A friend of the Heim's and Jasper resident snapped this nice photo of the Porsches making their way up Main Street. - © 2021 Lesley Kizior

Kurt Heim led the group back to the Heim residence for a final post-parade get together. This is where Bob Donnelly was telling everyone how many times, he launched his GT3RS in the parade for all the little kids!!! - © 2021 Valerie Heim

Everyone had some final refreshments and talked about how much everyone enjoyed the parade.
- © 2021 Valerie Heim

This just in from Kurt Heim: the entire 2021 Jasper Strassenfest Parade is availble for viewing on YouTube at this URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGDtMpqWSzQ

The SIR Porsches appear at the 42:25 mark.

Many thanks to Valerie, Rich, Bob and Lesley for taking pictures at this event for the SIR website and to Kurt for selecting shots and writing captions. Great work and great help! - Jerry Jindrich

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© 2021 Southern Indiana Region, Porsche Club of America. All rights reserved.