2021 Hu-B's at Kuttawa Harbor on lake Barkley
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2021 Event Photos

July 24, 2021
It was a little after 8:00 AM at Chris and Macie Yelton's home in Henderson, Kentucky. A variety of Porsches and a couple of U.S.-made fire-breathers lined the street. Curious children stood in a neighbor's yard, eying the exotic cars. They spoke in hushed tones.

In Criss's driveway Scott Klueh described the route to a place called Hu-B's (pronounced, "hew-bees") at Kuttawa Harbor, near the north end of Lake Barkley. This would be another new destination for us to explore. We were ready.

We found a lot of early morning traffic on Hwy 60.

At least it was moving and the day was beautiful.

This was just one of those days for top-down driving with one hand on the wheel and the other feeling the warm wind across your mirror.

There was this brief rest stop in Sturgis, Kentucky when well over 5,000 horsepower sat in a Casey's parking lot to the chagrin, awe, or blissful indifference of motorists who dropped by for a fill-up.

Back underway, we passed cows, corn, and curves.

Finally, we made a left turn that would take us to Lake Barkley

Not much further now.

As we rounded this curve, we were given our first hint of this popular destination.

Lake Barkley covers a 134-mile stretch of the Cumberland River. The haze included smoke from wildfires in western states.

Our Porsches added to a parking lot nearly full of tow vehicles.

We oriented ourselves and headed for Hu-B's Restaurant.

The building looked kind of utilitarian from this side.

Covered outdoor dining at large picnic tables faced the marina.

Scott's plan had been to arrive early enough to beat the lunch crowd and we succeeded. There was light activity on the water when we arrived. While we ordered and ate, traffic grew very busy with boats of all shapes and sizes coming and going.

At this table (L to R): Bruce Dougan, Rick Davenport, Dave Hostetter, Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier. Absent from this picture: Mark Faris.

Here, (L to R, facing camera): Dale Fatland, Manuel Ramirez, Scott Klueh and Alan Fierst. Facing them: Susan Jindrich. Behind the camera: Jerry Jindrich. Kelly Dora dropped by for a visit with a large, easy-going dog but the official photographer failed to take their picture.

Same table, (L to R): Susan and Jerry Jindrich with Dale Fatland. Thanks to Mike Mamoser for photo.

At left at this table: Don and Donna Brandenburg. Facing them: Kim and Mike Kinder.

Here are Ann and Todd Heathcott and their children. Thanks to Mike Mamoser for photo.

Here, (L to R): Mike Mamoser, Bob Donnelly, and Debbie and Jeff Jackson. From the smiles at each of the tables, you know we were having fun.

This sign greets approaching boaters seeking marina services or food. Hu-B's was a refreshing place to visit. The activity was fun to watch, the food was good and, of course, the company was excellent.

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