2021 Porsche Parade Donnelly Photos
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Bob Donnelly is often seen with his camera in hand. Bob clearly appreciates Porsches and photographed many at the Porsche Parade. He shot some clever vanity plates, too. Bob also captured excellent portraits of the SIR gang. Here is a sampling.

Portrait of Bob and Marie Donnelly by Jerry Jindrich

1. Bob and Marie's beautiful and potent (it says so on the license plate) GT3 RS in front of the West Baden Springs Hotel.

2. Two-seat Dallara racing car for demonstration rides on the streets around the factory.

3-11. It's natural for a guy with amusing vanity plates on his own cars to look for others' witty wordsmithing.

12-23. So many interesting cars. So little time. There were dozens more to see and appreciate. Many of these were entered in the Concours.

24-25. Driving Tours assembled in French Lick Springs Hotel Parking Lot 4 on Tuesday through Friday mornings for instructions and to depart for the various destinations.

26. Some went to Lousiville, KY for lunch and an excellent walking tour of Churchill Downs.

27-28. Some went to Indianapolis to for lunch and a peek at the Dallara factory where modern Indy Cars are built.

29-31. That tour continued to the Imdianapolis Motor Speedway Museum where Marie and Bob took turns posing for pictures in this Indy racer.

32-33. Early morning workers to help with tours.

34. SIR folks in parking lot.

35-40. Nice shots of SIR couples: Davis, Faris, Deep, Wolf, Dora and Yelton.

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