2021 Porsche Parade Heim Photos
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Kurt and Valerie both take pictures and their children have been known to also. As you can see below, everyone came to Parade. These are favorite shots and reflect things they found interesting.

Portrait of Kurt and Valerie Heim by Mike Mammoser.

1. Valerie captured this mirror shot of the group following them on a driving tour.

2. (R-L): Terry and Sally Davis (in lead car) and cars driven by Criss Yelton and and Jerry and Susan Jindrich ready for tour to Dallara Race Car Factory and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

3. Kurt lead one of the Schnitzelbank Tours that included exciting stretches of HWY 66. The group's various Porsches parked behind the Heims' Cayenne at the rest stop in Tell City.

4. After the group lunch, Kurt took interested people from the group to see the historic St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Jasper. Work began in 1867 and was completed in 1880.

5-9. Many of these cars competed for Concours awards.

10. This Targa promoted special customization features offered by Porsche.

11-12. The Heim Chidren posed with Porsche show cars and their amusing paint schemes.

13. Sim Racing seems to have captivated this young lady.

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