2021 Porsche Parade Jackson Photos
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It is likely that Jeff Jackson and Terry Davis have attended more Porsche Parades than any other Southern Indiana Region members. They have traveled around the country to six Parades to drive in the autocross competitions. Debbie Jackson and Sally Davis have gone with them almost as often. These photos reflect the sporting enthusiasm plus the enjoyment of this Parade's French Lick location and its tours of Churchill Downs, the Dallara IndyCar Factory and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

Debbie's pictures make up the first two groups. Jeff shot the third.

Portrait of Jeff and Debbie Jackson by Bob Donnelly

1. Terry Davis and Jeff Jackson came to compete in their respective autocross classes.

2-4. Jeff placed second and won this West Baden Springs Hotel arches-inspired trophy.

5. Unassuming yet formidable drivers.

6-7. Preparing for a giant group shot of Parade attendees and their cars.

8-11. An actual "Parade of Porsches" consisting of a 30-mile trip to Patoka Lake and back took place on Saturday. The weather was glum but the participants were cheerful.

12-13. Photos of murals discovered inside a tower of the West Baden Hotel. The artist is unknown but thought to be from a religious order using the hotel as a seminary in the 1930s.

14. Dave Hostetter with his Second Place Award for the SIR Region Newsletter.

15. Hot shoe autocross driver takes time to unwind.

16-17. Photos by Jeff taken on the Churchill Downs tour.

18. An evening shot of the West Baden Springs Hotel.

19. Porsche sign as seen from the veranda of the French Lick Hotel.

20. The Volunteer Party included drawings for many prizes. The two grand prizes are sets of tires from Michelin and Pirelli. Sally and Terry won both sets!

21. One of the awesome products on display at the Dallara Factory.

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