2021 Porsche Parade Jindrich Photos
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Jerry and Susan's pictures have been arranged in two groups. The first covers events of Sunday and Monday. The second covers driving tours from Tuesday through Thursday and the SIR region dinner from Wednesday evening.

Portrait of Jerry and Susan by Bob Donnelly.


1. The relaxing view from the French Lick Springs Hotel veranda included many beautiful Porsches.

2. As people arrived in French Lick, they stopped first at the Parade Welcome Tent for instructions and cold bottles of water. Here are Mark and Pam Faris.

3. Because of health concerns, people were assigned hour windows for registration.

4 Joe and Jean Wolf and Jerry and Susan Jindrich were given materials by volunteers Jeff and Debbie Jackson to start the process.

5. For many, hotel registration came next.

6-7. Outside, a cheerful band played for guests on the veranda.

8-9. Later in the afternoon, Zone Reps welcomed attendees from their regions. Mark Roethemeier gave Zone 13 folks souvenir posters created by the Jindrichs.

10. Rich Gustafson, Phil Green, Dave Hostetter and many other SIR members showed up in the new SIR shirts.

11. An early meeting for volunteers covered the organization and shepherding of the week's driving tours. SIR was well represented.

12-19. The Concours d'Elegance began Monday morning. Cars were judged and could be for viewed for much of the day. There were dozens of beautiful, interesting and historic cars.

20. Parade offers many kinds of events, including an Arts competition. Susan entered a color print of one of her drive photos.

21. Scott Klueh, Dean and Jacque Becher, Susan Jindrich and Linda Barth enjoyed quiet time on the veranda.

22. Susan tried Sim Racing and loved it.


23-28. Terry Davis lead a driving tour to the Dallara Factory Tuesday. The chassis for all modern IndyCars are built here. It is also part museum and event venue. Picture taking was limited.

29-31. The same driving tour took us to the Indianoplis Motor Speedway and its historic Museum. Picture taking was encouraged here.


32. The Jindrichs lead an early Schnitzelbank driving tour including the best parts of Indiana 66. That evening they went to the SIR region dinner at French Lick's German Restaurant.

33-40. The gathering was loud, fun, well-attended and sponsored by D-Patrick Porsche. D-Patrick General Manager Tony Ricketts expressed appreciation for our club's happy relationship.


41-44. Bob Donnelly lead a group to Churchill Downs. THe final leg was by motorcoach to simplfy city driving and parking near the track.

45-48. The facility offers a small but excellent museum, a simulated ride on the track, and a chance to pose for a picture next to a life-size photo of Willie Shoemaker.

49. We watched a terrific 360 degree video about preparations for and the running of the Kentucky Derby.

50-53. The visit concluded with a tour lead by a knowledgable gentleman and just enough time to visit the gift shop.

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