2021 Porsche Parade Mammoser Photos
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Mike enthusiastically manages the SIR Facebook site, frequently uploading photos and videos. The 2021 Porsche Parade's many functions, activities, and tours gave him a lot of material to work with. These are some of the pictures he posted online.

Portrait of Mike Mammoser by Jerry Jindrich

1. One of three Carrera Cup racing cars displayed in a resort event center hallway

2. Is this a Porsche factory prototype with camouflage paint scheme to fool spying photographers or a radically-colorful show car for 2021 Parade? You decide.

3. Attendees were greeted with this huge, welcoming banner on the side of French Lick Resort Event Center.

4. The Porsche eBike Cross. "The ideal companion for off-road and off-road tracks."

5. The Porsche Taycan in Frozen Berry Metallic.

6. Concours prep. Lovely car.

7. 911 and signage for people not in the know.

8. Porsches of all types were on display throughout the week.

9. Porsche Design offered watches for you to personalize. You could make an aoppointment to "design your own".

10-13. The German Restaurant group dinner for our Southern Indiana Region. Nice thought.

14-16. Mike took a driving tour to the picturesque and historic Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, KY.

17-18. He also took a driving tour to Indianapolis, IN to visit the Dallara IndyCar Factory and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum.

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