2021 Porsche Parade Roethemeier Photos
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Since Mark was named to the Zone 13 Representative position by PCA, he and Cheryl have been much busier than normal. Of course, they also volunteered for Parade jobs. On top of that, Mark organized a dinner for the Southern Indiana Region at The German Restaurant in French Lick. For all of the primary PCA members from Zone 13 regions who attended Parade, the couple commissioned and distributed commemorative posters.

In addition to her other activities, Cheryl took pictures. Except for the shot of Cheryl and Mark, these are examples of her work.

Portrait of Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier by Jerry Jindrich

1. Scene from the Southern Indiana Region dinner in French Lick's German Restaurant.

2. The Zone 13 Poster was designed by Jerry Jindrich and based on an Indiana 66 photo taken by Susan Jindrich during an SIR Overlook Drive.

3. 1958 550A Werks Spyder, a factory entry at LeMans which finished third.

4. Restored 1954 Porsche 550 Spyder. This diminuitive racing car established an in-class speed record of 143.3 miles per hour at the Montihery Circuit on August of 1955!

5. Mark entered his own 2016 Boxster Spyder in the Concours.

6. Another mid-engined marvel at the beginning of one of the daily tours.

7. Mark and other volunteers at Parking Lot 4, where daily driving tour groups were staged and sent out.

8. Jerry and Susan Jindrich follow tour Leader Terry Davis and second car driven by Criss Yelton early Tuesday morning on their way to Indianapolis.

9. The Roethemeiers' good friend and SIR newsletter award-winner Dave Hostetter.

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