2021 Porsche Parade
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2021 Event Photos

July 11 - 17, 2021
Terrific Turnout
Porsche Club of America likes to say that the Porsche Parade is "fueled by volunteers". This is certainly true, but for the 2021 Parade the experience and local knowledge of our region's members was unusually helpful. SIR provided Leaders and Sweepers for many of the driving tours as well as for dozens of other tasks from car washing to sales clerking in the Parade store to assisting with the autocross competition. 38 Primary Members from SIR plus spouses, children and significant others signed up for the 2021 Parade. Also, several more SIR members drove up for short visits.

Members' Photos
We invited Parade-goers to submit a few of their favorite photos from this year's Parade.
Follow these individual links to see what they noticed and recorded:
Mike Mammoser Photos Kurt and Valerie Heim Photos Joe Wolf Photos Jerry and Susan Jindrich Photos Bob Donnelly Photos Cheryl Roethemeier Photos Jeff and Debbie Jackson Photos Mitch Deep Photos

Happy Faces at Parade
The photos below show Southern Indiana Region members who were photographed at Parade by Bob Donnelly, Jerry Jindrich and Mike Mammoser. How many can you identify before you read the names listed beneath? Our region's embership is now well over 100. So it may be quite a challenge! If you have pictures of other SIR folks from Parade, email them to them to Jerry Jindrich to be added to this page.

Top (L-R): Dee Dee and Manuel Ramirez, Terry and Jean Alvey, Victoria and Mitch Deep, Terry and Sally Davis, Liz and Rick Davenport.
Bottom (L-R): Michael Osero and Sophia Park, Debbie and Jeff Jackson, Valerie and Kurt Heim, Joe and Jean Wolf, Linda Barth and Scott Klueh.

Top (L-R): Bob and Marie Donnelly, Rob Gustafson and his daughter, Curtis Bradley, Dean and Jacque Becher, Mike and Kim Kinder.
Bottom (L-R): Michele and Kelly Dora, Dave and Gail Hostetter, Loren Urfer and son Ashton, Cheryl and Mark Roethemeier, Mark and Pam Faris.

Top (L-R): Dawn and Phil Green, Rich Gustafson and Heidi Dunniway, Macie and Criss Yelton, Mike Mammoser, Elizabeth and Doug Ramey and their son.
Bottom (L-R): Jerry and Susan Jindrich, Ross Rudolph, Mike Zehner.

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