2022 Ferry Porsche Drive
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2022 Event Photos

August 13, 2022
Last year's ferry ride was so much fun that we had to include it again in this year's events calendar! However, the word had spread and we had to travel in two groups.

We met at Criss and Macie Yelton's home in Henderson, Kentucky, with the usual introductiona and guidance from Event Chair, Mark Roethemeier, and safety reminders from Dave Hostetter.

Scott Klueh would lead the first group with Mark Roethemeier as Sweeper. Mark Faris would lead the second group and Dave Hostetter would serve as Sweeper.

Finally, Dave Hostetter provided Safety instructions and tips.

The first group of drivers departed. It wasn't a tradional LeMans start, but they were eager........

The second group's exit from Henderson was uneventful and we were on our way, too.

This part of Kentucky is relativly easy driving.

However, we were moving swiftly.

Good to see productive farmland.

Our group rolled into Sturgis for a pit stop and found that the first group was still there.

They were almost ready to leave.

We parked and admired their cars as they pulled out.

Drive time!

We "rested" for a few minutes and then resumed our drive, too

The scenery changed.

We follwed a narrow track intu and out of the woods.

We were getting closer to the river.

We broke out into some low farmland and stopped shrt of the end of Kentucky 91. A sign said, "Ferry 1000 feet*".

We had to wait our turn to board.

It was still on its return trip to the Kentucky side.

While the Captain watched from his wheelhouse, the Deck Hand/Porsche Wrangler positioned our cars quickly and efficiently.

Once we were safely aboard, the Becky-D swung her stern to starboard and began to push us across the Ohio River to Cave In Rock, Illinois.

By then, many of us were already out of our cars to stretch our legs and enjoy the short crossing.

Scott Klueh was waiting for us to disembark so we could follow him to the State Park and its popular restaurant overlooking the Ohio River,

There was already a long line for the lunch buffet. SIR folks filled most of the tables. It was a busy place and many people returned for seconds for the tasty fried chicken.

After lunch, several couples went down to explore the famous Cave In Rock.

The cave is not especially deep. It does have a hign ceiling with a crack in it that lights the interior. The walk in and out is not long but the narrow path is uneven and you need to watch your step. Near the entrance, Kelly and Michelle Dora climbed onto this stone shelf to pose for pictures.

The Ferry Porsche Drive was enjoyable two years in a row. If you haven't joined us for this event, you are missing out on a memorable experience.

A final note: yes, there were three people in that green 911. Our daughter Michelle came for a visit and had a great time on her first Porsche Club drive. - Jerry

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