2022 April First Saturday and 356 Project
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2022 Event Photos

April 16, 2022

We found fellow travelers at the Newburgh Lock and Dam on a coolish Saturday morning. All were eager for a spirited drive on Indiana 145 and related roads that would lead to Jasper's Schnitzelbank Restaurant. Event Chair Mark Roethemeier described the day's event.

Dave Hostetter reminded us of various rules and guidelines that would keep our drive safe and fun for all participants and without alarming the general public. Scott kleuh brought us up to date on the SIR's August Viele Strassen Driving Event and urged the procrastinators amoung us to make our hotel reservations as soon as we could.

Susan, my photogrpher sidekick and all-around much better half, couldn't go on this drive. Since it would be nearly impossible for me to pay attention to the road, shift gears and and shoot pictures with a heavy SLR camera at the same time, I opted to skip the rest stop in Tell City to get ahead of our two groups of cars and scout locations where I could park and catch drivers as they passed. I found one spot where I would be able to see the first group on a fast curve in the woods. Here are shots of those cars. Note: these images have been cropped for use on this page. If you would like a copy of the original shot of your car, let me know and I will email it to you.

If you ever wondered what a flight of Porsches looks like to people waiting at an intersection or watching from a front porch as we pass by, the following images should give you a pretty good idea.

After they flashed by, I moved to a second spot where I would have more time to catch some cars coming toward me and others driving driving away. Minutes later, Dave Hostetter led the second group with a red 911 and A white Cayenne hot on his tail. Many more followed.

There seemed to be more Porsches than you could shake a stick at, if you were so inclined.

Mark Faris acted as Sweeper. I put away my camera and followed him to Jasper.

We found the ever-popular Schnitzelbank and squeezed into just enough room (they were very busy on this particluar Saturday). The food and service were fine, as usual, and we had a great time, as usual.

Participating in this drive were:
....Dean Becher
....Don and Donna Brandenburg
....Bob Donnelly
....Mark Faris
....Alan Fierst and Denise Pace
....Rich Gustafson and Heidi Dunnaway
....Robert Gustafson
....Kurt Heim
....Dave Hostetter
....Jerry Jindrich
....Mike and Kim Kinder
....Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
....Randy Leintz
....Eric and Kathy Lookofsky
....Gary Maier
....Mike Mammoser
....Manuel and Dee Dee Ramirez
....Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
....Noel Short
....Brett and Terri Schultheis
....Danny and Chris Woehler
....Joe and Jean Wolf

(If I missed anyone, please let me know.)

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