Drive, Vincennes
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2022 Event Photos

September 14, 2022
On some days, a short drive, a pleasant lunch and good company are all you need to have a great time. Procopio's Italian Restaurant is not usually open on Saturday afternoons but they made an exception for us. We were looking forward to tasting their dishes.

This was a nice October morning. We were eager to receive our instructions and hit the road.

We didn't have to travel far to find the route interesting.

Right to downtown Booneville or left on the bypass? Left, of course. Some of our taste buds are already anticipating Italian flavors.

Rural highways can often be fun.

Even a straight road can provide entertainment.

Even though we followed a roundabout path, we were never very far from Vincennes.

We were almost there.

Procopio's is on North Second Street, a few blocks Northeast of the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park. It is roughly an hour from Evansville but you can make the trip take longer as we did, just for the fun of it. You should note that Vincennes is in the Eastern Time Zone.

We were taken to a large room with windows facing the street. It was perfect for the size of our group. Rich Gustafson welcomed us.

He then introduced and thanked our host Procopio for opening for us on a Saturday.

Menus were studied and orders given while the rest of us happily chatted away. The brick and paneled walls did little to reduce the sound level. But then Procopio opened the overhead door which softened the noise and gave the room a sidewalk cafe vibe.

Sort of.

Here are more pictures in no particular order. However, the top left shot is of Gary and Rosie Stroud, who we haven't had the pleasure of seeing in some time. The gentleman in the middle of the top right image is Jeff Harting from Petersburg. The picture below Gary and Rosie shows two brothers who are curently in the Kentucky region who wanted to see what one of our drives was like. They seemed
to have enjoyed themselves.

My apolgies to anyone not shown on this page. You may have been out of focus, putting food into your mouth, or frowning when I took the shot. Then again, I might have lost track of whose picture I had or had not taken.

Will we visit Procopio's again? Probably. We clearly liked it.

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