2022 The Chicken Place Drive
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2022 Event Photos

May 14, 2022
Sometimes, it's all about the destination. In this case, we visted Ireland, Indiana, home of the modest but delicious Chicken Place. Many of us had been there before and knew what to expect.

We met at Newburgh's Castle High School parking lot.

The day was beautiful but hot. We found shade.

Mark Roethemeier described our journey. Dave Hostetter provided Safety instructions and tips.

It would be a relatively short drive. This was good becuase many of us were already imagining hot plates of crispy chicken.

The route was straightforward. Head north on Indiana 261 to 61 and the new bypass on the west side of Boonville and on toward Lynneville.

This was familiar ground for us.

At times, our pace was slower than it could have been but it was a pretty day and nobody really minded.

Above Lynneville were hills and strip mines.

A mining road crossed this rusting bridge.

Indiana 61 eventually met Indiana 64.

64 lead to 257.

257 went to Indiana 54, which headed east toward Ireland and Jasper.

'twas a wee distance, then, to the lovely village of Ireland.

We arrived.

We filled the available tables and the attentive Chicken Place staff took orders. At the long table, clockwise from the far left: Marie Donnelly, Lori Le Due, Mark Faris's empty chair (Mark was working the room), Rob Gustafson, a young man I don't know but who might be Rob's son, David Skelton, Cheryl Roethemeier and Pam Faris. Mark Roethemeier, Dave Hostetter and Mike Mammoser were on the right but just out of the shot.

Mike and Kim Kinder were smiling at the camera, seated opposite Kurt and Valerie Heim.

In the booth beyond were Bruce Dougan (facing camera) with his son and his son's significant other.

At a round table in the corner were, from left: Norman Hurst, Susan Jindrich, Eric and Kathy Lookofsky.

Smiling for the camera: Marty Winstead and Jim Logel.

Unintentionally caught not smiling for the camera: Kenny and Rita McAtee.

Recording memories with a smaller than usual camera: Bob Donnelly.

Another photographer: SIR newsletter editor, Kurt Heim.

The Chicken Place is a treat and not far away: perfect for a casual outing and good food. If you know anyone whose name(s) I missed, please let me know and I will correct this page. Thanks! - Jerry

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