2022 Yelton Winter Party
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2023 Event Photos

March 25, 2023 We wanted the year's first drive to be glorious and happy. We had been cooped up and cold for months and needed a refreshing drive.

The day didn't exactly start this way, however. We met in Henderson at Criss and Macie Yelton's home for instructions. The day looked and felt cold.

Scott Klueh would lead the drive to Kentucky Lake. The weather forecast was for "pretty nice with bunches of colorful Porsches zipping through the countryside". We were counting on it.

We split into two groups and got underway, finding lots of flooding.

We found wet roads and ominous clouds, too.

Maybe the day would brighten after all.

The drive to Kentucky Lake took long enough for us to find the sun.

We drove deeper into Western Kentucky farmland.

Were we getting closer to Kentucky Lake?

We finally caught up with the first group at Kentucky Dam Village. We parked in formation and proceeded to find lunch.

As you might expect, Kentucky Dam Village has a wecoming lodge overlooking Kentucky Lake.

This is a view from the dining room where we found self serve islands and various choices of good food.

We occupied two large tables and a few smaller ones.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the meal.

Outside, our Porsches were ready for the next part of our journey: some posed photos by the lake.
Panoramic photo contributed by Bret Schultheis.

We parked in a curved overlook near the dam. The smartphone's camera distorted the image to include all of our cars.
Panoramic photo contributed by Kathy Lookofsky.

This was not a short drive, but the day turned very nice, we were with friends, and we were on the road again!

Participating on this drive were were:
Dean and Jacque Becher
Mitch Deep
Mark and Pam Faris
Alan Fierst
Rich Gustafson
David Hostetter
Jerry and Susan Jindrich
Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
Shannon Lamb
Randy Lientz
Eric and Kathy Lookofsky
Gary Maier
Mike Mammoser and Lori LaDue
Doug Ramey
Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
Brett Schultheis
Criss and Macie Yelton

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