Procopio's, Vincennes 2023
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2022 Event Photos

June24, 2023
Nothing entices SIR members to show up for a drive more than a sunny summer morning, the promise of a good meal shared with friends, and a relaxed drive that takes us not too far from home. Of course, we love more challenging drives, too, like to the Overlook. And there are novel drives, also, that take us across the Ohio River by ferry or the Wabash River via an old railroad bridge. Basically, we just like to have fun. Forty-seven of us showed up at the Castle High School parking lot.

The photographers followed Matt Minniear out of the parking lot. Criss Yelton, the Sweeper, followed us.

Dense (for Newburgh) traffic and uncooperative stop lights left an opening for a slow "civillian" car to slip in in front of us.

When we came to Boonville's western bypass, we were way behind. Despite a few iffy opportunities to pass which we ignored, we never caaught up until the planned rest stop in Lynnville.

Word of surprise road crews and gravel covering part of our planned route forced a change in plans. We would all follow Mark Roethemeier to Vincennes.

Nothing extraordinary, but always fun.

Mark found a perfect parking spot in front of Procopio's. The rest of us had no trouble finding nearby lots and on-street parking places.

Inside, we filled two rooms reviewed menus, placed drink orders, and did what we do very well: caught up with old friends and made new ones. Procopio's is a great drive destination!

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