2023 Corvette Museum
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2023 Event Photos

April 22, 2023 This drive was all about anticpation and fullfilment. Everyone who had driven Indiana 145 from its starting point northeast of Tell City to the town of Birdseye knew what to expect if the conditions were right. Sunny day? Check! Highway not too busy? Check! Road in good shape? Check! Lots of curves (some very tight). Lots of elevation changes (buckle up). Deep woods and open spaces (enjoy the ride). It's all fun until you cross I-64 and then it's even more fun. Dive back into the woods and enjoy your Porsche some more.

We got away from the Newburgh Lock and Dam quickly and soon found ourselves in Rockport.

These roads were familiar and not especially exciting, but anyone who has travelled on 145 before knew what was coming.

We would enjoy this drive.

Driving can be like a favorite meal - rich with fascinating flavors, aromas and textures.

Passing St. Pius Church in Troy signalled that we were getting closer.

A few minutes later we made a rest stop in Tell City and then drove northeast on Highway 37.

A few miles out of town we turned left onto 145 and headed for the St. Mark's church steeple.

As we approached the church, 145 turned to the right and soon zig-zagged through farmland and woods to I-64.

Drivers (and photographers) kept busy. Carefully composed photos were next to impossible.

We eventually came to a short bridge over the Middle Fork Anderson River into Bristow. From here the pace was easy until we crossed I-64.

North of Interstate 64, the fine dining analogy continued while we savored the tasty bits like twists, turns, and elevation changes.

Into the woods again.

There were calm stretches where some might have envied the normally peaceful of folks living here.

In some places we bunched up.

In others we spread apart. The Anderson river was west of 145 and flowed unseen in the dense woods.

We slowed to enter Birdseye. 145 turned to the right to take us at a more leisurely pace to French Lick.

A sign instructed to watch for falling rocks along the way, but encountered none.

We did find the 33 Brick Street restaurant easily and filled their covered outdoor dining area.

Many of us have been here before and it is a great place to dine with friends.

Did we have fun? Absolutely!

Participating on this drive were were:

Dean and Jacque Becher
Don and Donna Brandenburg
Randy and Shad Brown
Terry and Sally Davis
Kelly and Michele Dora
Mark and Pam Faris
Dale Fatland
Alan Fierst
Barry Frey
Robert Grogan
Rich Gustafson
Todd and Ann Heathcott
David Hostetter
Norman Hurst
Jeff and Debbie Jackson
Jerry and Susan Jindrich
Scott Klueh and Linda K. Barth
Mike and Kim Kinder
Shannon Lamb
Randy Lientz
Eric and Kathy Lookofsky
Gary Maier
Kenny and Rita McAtee
Mike Mammoser
Matt Minniear and Amber Henderson
Manuel Ramirez
Mark and Cheryl Roethemeier
Brett and Katy Schultheis
Bob and Teresa Scott
Jerry and Lea Smith
Jim Walters
Greg Walters
Joe and Jean Wolf
Criss and Macie Yelton

If Your name belongs on this list, please let the Webmaster know.

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