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Member Profiles Spouse/Partner: Carolyn Dornburg

Paul's email:

Carolyn's email:

PCA member since: 1990

Current Porsche(s):
2018 Cayman GTS (Clay)

1973 911T Targa (Kelly Green 3.4l turbocharged autocross car)

Why this car?
I worked for a Porsche dealership in upstate NY from 1970 to 1978 where the romance began. I began as a mechanic, graduated to service writer and was promoted to service manager. As a service manager I was given a 911 to drive, in this case a 1976 Sportomatic 911T Targa, gold with hounds tooth interior. (IIRC)
After leaving NY for work in KY I was without a Porsche until I received one for my 40th birthday. (the 1980 911SC)


Other interests:
Racing, especially dirt cars
SpeedwayGP, Greg Hancock

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