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Member Profiles Spouse: Pam Faris

Mark's email:

Pam's email:

PCA member since 2014

Current Porsches:
2014 Cayman and 1980 928

Why these cars?
The Cayman was my first Porsche and I could not believe the quality of the driving experience. After a few years of ownership the "upgrade" bug hit. I realized that I didn't want a new Porsche, I wanted the car I so loved to drive to perform at a higher level. This resulted in suspension upgrades, engine swap, etc., etc., etc. As of now it is a 2899 lb car with approximately 450 hp.

Once the Cayman was completed it became obvious I needed something to work on (idle hands...). Pam and I have now embarked on restoration efforts on this 928. We hope to make this a true grand touring Porsche.

Retired, finance

Other interests:
Hunting, fishing and seeing this great country on fantastic two lane roads.

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