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Member Profiles Spouse/Partner: Lori Flesburg

John's email:

Lori's email:

PCA member since: 1987
The first year I attended a PCA DE event. I was an associate member of my father at the time which is why my member number 1900037642 may be odd. I have been a PCA certified DE Instructor since 2005 (200504300).

Current Porsche(s):
2016 Boxster S (Guards Red)
1983 911 Turbo (Grand Prix White)
1974 914/6 GT (Guards Red - Custom)
1974 914/6 (Diamond Silver Metallic)
1974 911 (Guards Red)
+ a couple of project cars

Why these cars?
As a second generation Porsche aficionado, I love all cars Porsche, street or racing, and I prefer mine to live up to something I once read. "I couldn't buy the car of my dreams, so I made my own."

Previous Porsches:
I still own every Porsche that I have ever owned with the exception of parts cars which I don't count.

John: Mechanical Engineer, George Koch Sons in Evansville
Lori: Mechanical Engineer, George Koch Sons in Evansville

Other interests:
Scouting BSA (Assistant Scoutmaster troop 315 in Newburgh), Shooting Sports, Lionel O Gauge Trains, Mechanics, Engineering, General Tinkering (anything machinery oriented)

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