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You have probably seen many people taking pictures at SIR activities. Susan and Jerry Jindrich may be the most noticeable because she shoots while he drives and he shoots when they are not driving, both capturing lots of images for the club website. But other people take pictures, too, because people like to record images for a variety of reasons.

The photos above represent several of those reasons. In the top row of pictures, Randy Brown takes a picture of Paul Dornburg's new Cayman. Dale Fatland records a view of the Porsche Experience track in Atlanta, Georgia. Kurt Heim caught this line of SIR Porsches coming through Grand View, Indiana, before he joined that day's Overlook drive. Bob Donnelly shot pictures of amazing antiques in a private collection we visited in February of 2020.

The wide shot in the second row is a sunset scene taken by Debbie Jackson while at the 2019 Porsche Parade in Boca Raton, Florida. Rosie Stroud records the trip across the Wabash River on the Cannonball Bridge in 2015. Sue Urfer takes pictures at our Toys For Tots event in 2017.

The bottom row includes a picture of Cheryl Roethemeier taking pictures at the Rough River Dam State Park in 2016 over a shot by Kerry Camp of our parked cars overlooking Kentucky Lake in same year. In 2018 Mark Faris composed a portait of his Cayman in Monument Valley, Utah, and Diane Hancock caught this crisp mirror shot on the St. Patrick's Day drive to Ireland, Indiana.

Other reasons to take pictures could include documenting efforts to personalize your Porsche, a visit to a DE day at a track, a weekend holiday or a day trip to someplace nearby, or perhaps your participation in a multi-region or national event. If your pictures can be interesting to fellow members, we invite you to submit them with or without captions. Simply contact Jerry Jindrich.

The images below are linked to virtual gallery spaces for SIR Members to share their photographs with the rest of the club. Click the images to enjoy their work.

The latest additions: Mitch Deep's photographic record of the Porsche Sportscar Together Fest and Susan and Jerry Jindrich's shots of cars on Overlook Drive passing through Sulpher, IN.

Car Shots from 2021 Fall Overlook Drive Individual Cars: Passing through Sulphur, IN - Susan and Jerry Jindrich Pictures from 2021 Together Fest Porsche Sportscar Together Fest - Mitch Deep

Pictures from Great Road Trips Road Trips: Porsche Pleasure in Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Utah & Nevada - Curt Hamilton Vacation: Dale and Judy in Hawaii
- Dale Fatland

Pictures of Florida and 2019 Parade 2019 Porsche Parade: Boca Raton & Florida Keys
- Jeff and Debbie Jackson
 2019 Parade and 3 Car Collections 2019 Porsche Parade: Parade cars plus three great collections
- Terry Davis

SIR Drive: Schnitzelbank arrivals
- Bret Grimes
SIR Drive: Passing through Grand View, IN
- Kurt Heim

SIR Drive: Spring Mill State Park / Pioneer Village
- Jerry Jindrich
Vacation: Perfect shot of Porsche Cayman in Monument Valley
- Mark Faris

SIR Drive: West Baden Springs Drive
- Mitch Deep, Bret Grimes, Curt Hamilton, and Debbie Jackson
Easy Day Trip: Azalea Path Arboretum & Botanical Gardens
- Jerry and Susan Jindrich

Overnight Trip: Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
- Jerry Jindrich
Easy Day Trip: Casey, Illinois
- Jerry and Susan Jindrich

SIR Drive: Rough River State Park Drive
- Bret and Bethany Grimes
SIR Drive: St. Patrick's Day Drive to Ireland, IN
- Diane Hancock

Vacation: European Travels
- Dale Fatland and Judy Ridings
SIR Drive: Kentucky Lake Drive
- Kerry Camp

Easy Day Trip: Swope's Cars of Yesteryear, Elizabethtown, KY
- Jerry Jindrich
Easy Day Trip: Sunset Drive
- Eric Provost

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