Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum
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Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

Auburn, Indiana, just north of Ft. Wayne
310 Miles from Newburgh, IN
Travel time:
Approximately 4 1/2 Hours (by Interstate)

In May of 2008, Susan and I visited the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum. We expected to see fine examples of these three important marques but were surprised to find them housed in such an extraordinary setting. We were also pleased to find many other automotive brands represented. We returned in 2019 to spend more time enjoying the cars and exhibits.

This large collection is housed in the former international headquarters building of the Auburn Automotive Company.

Indiana enjoys a rich automotive history. More than 40 of its towns and cities manufactured automobiles. Auburn, Cord, and the later Duesenberg automobiles were all built in Auburn. Theses brands clearly represent a lasting elegance and engineering superiority.

If you appreciate automobiles that incorporate solid engineering with great style (and you clearly do because you own a Porsche), you will enjoy this museum.

You will find a smattering of significant cars from the mid-twentieth century, but the focus is clearly on the three excellent makes that ceased operations in late 1937 and other cars from the same era.

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum has a large collection and displays it well in a roomy facility. The cars aren't crowded together and there's always something interesting around the next corner. Allow plenty of time to enjoy it.

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