West Baden Springs 2018
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Member Photos
Shots by Mitch Deep, Bret Grimes, Curt Hamilton, and Debbie Jackson Several people got out their cameras and phones to capture moments on our 2018 drive to West Baden Springs. The weather was great. Everyone was in a good mood. You can see it in these pictures.

Lots and lots of Porsches nestled in the shade at the West Baden Springs Hotel. © 2018 Mitch Deep

Some cars were stopped by the light when leaving the Citgo station in Santa Claus. Curt Hamilton raised his phone and caught the scene behind him, just as Debbie Jackson raised her iPad to shoot him. See the detail image on the right. © 2018 Curt Hamilton

Debbie caught the lead cars one this sweeping curve east of Birdseye. © 2018 Debbie Jackson

The color of Bob Donnelly's car pops in this shot as we entered French Lick. © 2018 Debbie Jackson

These are the elegant gardens of the West Baden Springs Hotel. © 2018 Debbie Jackson

Mitch Griffin joins us in his Lotus Evora at the Santa Claus rest stop. © 2018 Bret Grimes

Coupe and targa versions of the 996 model demonstrate the clean, simple lines of the first water-cooled 911s. © 2018 Bret Grimes

It is always exciting to stand in the great atrium of the West Baden Springs Hotel. © 2018 Bret Grimes

It is almost impossible to ignore the grandeur of the place. © 2018 Bret Grimes

You seldom see photos of the "official" photographers, but Bret took these of Jerry and Susan Jindrich. © 2018 Bret Grimes

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